Required Reading

Oh, the ever-changing (er, expanding) list of things I read online. Now you can read along, because I know you need more blogs to read every day.

No bouncing ball, though. (Sorry.)

You might like some, you might like all, and you might like none.

Go forth and read.

DIY and Design:
Inklings Paperie
The Tasty Cheapskate
Young House Love
Cook The Story
Young House Life
Adventures In Dinner

Cutest Food
Randomly Hilarious:
The Bloggess

Stuff Christians Like
Not Mommy Bloggers:
STFU, Parents
Hormonal Imbalances
Things Could Be Worse
Don't Make Me Count To 3
Passive Aggressive Notes
Maybe If You Just Relax
Cake Wrecks
The Frugal Girl
Harmless Drudgery