You might already know that I got 200 Fast and Easy Artisan Breads for Christmas this year (the book, not 200 loaves of bread). You might also know that I recently read Julie & Julia, and while I don't really much care about Julie Powell or French cooking, I do care about bread.

Specifically, I care about eating bread. I also care about not paying vast amounts of money for good bread.

So I'm going to make some myself. And I'm going to stop being a lazy woman and pay attention to what the book says...except when I don't. With this stuff:

Here's my 200 (Non-Contiguous) Days of Bread Project. The rules: do what the book says, don't use the (beloved) Kitchen-Aid, make every recipe...and learn how to make crispy loaves of carbaliciousness, all without using the word "artisan" ever again.

Also, I'm now using my own modified version of the master recipe. How's that for rule-following?

Proof of Bread