Project Grocery

Project Grocery is an ongoing attempt to make myself stay under (ideally way under) our $120/week budget that needs to cover all of our groceries and other things bought at the grocery store (cat food, diapers, toilet paper and the like).

Having to report that I'm over budget for the week is such an embarrassing self-motivational tool.

Why the hand-wringing over my grocery spending?  It's a small part of the general cheapskatery that is integral to my character. I'm sure I explained about that somewhere.

So here's where it all began: Rubbing Pennies Together. This is what my menu planning, list making and grocery shopping routine looks like these days.

And this is the project:

Week One ($92.25)
Week Two ($63.23)
Week Three ($135.51)
Week Four ($127.47)
Week Five ($120.02)
Week Six ($167.47)
Week Seven ($103.24)
Week Eight ($174.47) 
Week Nine ($192.28)
Week Ten ($128.87) 
Week Eleven ($129.41)
Week Twelve ($157.49)
Week Thirteen ($178.76)
Week Fourteen ($22.57)
Week Fifteen ($19.29)
Week Sixteen ($177.59)
Week Seventeen ($134.02)
Week Eighteen ($136.01) 
Week Nineteen ($106.79)
Week Twenty ($138.29)
Week Twenty-One ($146.12)
Week Twenty-Two ($207.63)
Week Twenty-Three ($68.52) 
Week Twenty-Four ($143.47)
Week Twenty-Five ($84.82)
Week Twenty-Six ($106.49) 
Week Twenty-Seven ($132.84)
Week Twenty-Eight ($44.00)
Week Twenty-Nine ($40.88)
Week Thirty ($84.02)
Week Thirty-One ($124.03)
Week Thirty-Two ($76.67) 
Week Thirty-Three ($10.47 and $172.36)
Week Thirty-Four ($102.17)
Week Thirty-Five ($119.66) 
Week Thirty-Six ($130.49)
Week Thirty-Seven ($219.48)
Week Thirty-Eight ($80.13)
Week Thirty-Nine ($128.65)

Running Total: $21.22 on average (Wop-wanh). So much for moving the bar lower (higher?) and setting a $110/week budget to make up for the cloth diapers...

I may have to repeat my cunning plan for weeks fourteen and fifteen. Except I'm pregnant and lazy and working full time. 

Don't hold your breath.

(Pssst! It involved not spending any money. Almost.) You can find all of The $34.27 Challenge posts here.