January 12, 2015

I'd like to have an argument, please

This raggedy boy is incontrovertible proof that God knows I'm an incurable know-it-all and wants to demonstrate how annoying it is. Also irony.

Sandi: Pull your bowl closer to you.

Oscar: It's not a bowl, it's a plate.

...three minutes later*...

Sandi: Lucy, pass me your plate.

Oscar: You said it was a bowl

Sandi: It's rude to correct me. I'm a grown-up, and sometimes I know what I'm talking about.

Oscar: You're not a grown-up. You're an adult.

Sandi: [Dies of frustration]

Now, admittedly, there's much to admire in semantic precision and rigorous attention to detail. Just not when it's aimed at me.

See? Incurable.

*that was not three minutes just then