August 5, 2014

What To Eat When You Don't Have A Kitchen

First of all, the title is an outright lie. I do have a kitchen.

Behold, Great-Grandma Sarah's* hoosier:

Also behold: a laundry sink, an oven we got for free, an oven we paid for that isn't hooked up to the gas line anymore, the corner of an old table we found in the garage when we moved in, and - completely relevant to the story - Lucy's crazy hair and a bonus bottle of Manitoulin Island maple syrup. We may not have a proper kitchen, but we're not barbarians.

So, in reality, we do have a kitchen. What we don't have is most of the stuff that comes with a kitchen, like storage for things you use in a kitchen, owing to the surprising permanence of this "temporary" solution.

Back to the question: what do we eat? Rice and beans. These ones, with lime zest and cheddar cheese wrapped up in a tortilla. I admit, I haven't been at the top of my cooking game since March. The last awesome thing I made

I don't remember. My totally reliable and not unscientific at all statistical analysis tells me we've eaten takeout approximately three times more often than we used to and eat 51% fewer vegetables. Fatigue and overload have combined to make me not only an even more indifferent cook than I was before, but have made the comforts of junk food even more...erm...comforting.

So to answer your question, Katfish, yeah, pretty much ramen noodles.

Just imagine how exciting cooking (and eating) real food will be.

*Remind me to tell you the story of Great-Grandma Sarah someday. It's full of old-timey scandal and what-not.