November 13, 2013

We interrupt this week...

I know what you're thinking. "It ain't Monday, and I've already had my fill of The Mrs for this week."

Consider this extra post my little gift to you from a week that keeps on giving (...Lucy, Oscar, and me the flu, plus a report deadline that is kicking my ass in the teeth...or something.)

My dear friend Lindsay - you might have heard of her? I mention her a lot, and used to have an ad for Inklings Paperie on the sidebar until the ad servicing company stopped being free, like jerks. My laziness/unholy amount of work has prevented me from replacing it on my own, among seventy billion other pieces of Blog Maintenance I Haven't Done.

You might remember her shower games and gender reveal scratch-offs from this post, or her sweet scratch-off lunch box notes from this post, and today - on this thoroughly unremarkable Wednesday - she's got something else to show you.

She's submitting an entry into's "Dream Big. Start Small." contest...and it's adorable. Look! A baby!

Correction: She's not submitting a baby to the contest. That would be wrong.

It's the onesie design she's submitting, and - as is the case with ALL ONLINE CONTESTS EVAH, she needs some votes. Just votes, nothing fancy.

Iffen you vote (that's the flu drugs talking), you will have chance to get the baby the onesie a Wishes for Baby shower activity/keepsake set.

And, because I love to making things into "entice more people to find The Mrs and I'll buy you with prizes" contests, I'm abandoning the ubiquitous Rafflecopter entries. Which means if you want to vote, and want to be entered to win the Wishes for Baby set - which is oh, so cute! - you need to leave a comment on The Mrs Facebook page about anything, really. Doctor Who. Bananas. Homemade corsets. Ponies. I don't care. In fact, the more ridiculous the better, even though I'm selecting a winner at random, because THIS LADY NEEDS A LAUGH. (Points at herself.)

Voting is here, and runs today until midnight on November 19th. Go forth!

(portentous voice) I shall announce the winner next Wednesday.