November 20, 2013

Think Again

If you think this is morphing into some kind of gong show, where I post on Wednesday afternoons instead of Monday mornings, you're wrong.

It's the kind of gong show where I post whenever I want because because.

Also: I did TOO write this week. I just happened to write over at Rebecca's. So there.

Housekeeping: I don't respond to comments until days later because...because (sounds like a theme). Please keep saying things at me. It makes me feel less like a hermit who lives with other people and interacts with humans on a daily basis but still feels the hermit title is valid because sometimes she feels alone inside her brain where all the funny stuff lives and appreciates when other people get the joke even if it is only about Rafflecopter I'm looking at you Kristen.

(Takes breath)

Sorry if this is your first time here but I swear I'm never like this and make total sense all the time this is pretty much it.