November 4, 2013

Subtract Two, Add One

You know how, when you have people over, and your kids and their kids are playing in your backyard, and one of the parents wants to go inside and - without realizing the enormous mistake they're about to make - use the door leading into the house instead of the gate leading to the side yard leading to the side door leading to the house?

And - before you can yell "No, don't!" or tackle them before they can turn the handle, they've opened the door into the cat room, and have been assaulted by a smell so foul it has to be written as A Smell?

Just me then?


Well, as it happens judgy-pants, I don't have a room like that anymore, so stop making that face. And - to make this as embarrassing as possible - the REASON I don't have a room like that anymore is because my mom and dad came over one day and told us we were cleaning it up and then proceeded to help us clean it up. Or we helped them clean it up. One of those two things.

Now we have a whole extra room. We de-toyed the living room and threw the kids in there for all of September. We walked into the house from the backyard...through the door!

And now, since it used to be a welder's shop and is therefore, of course*, uninsulated, the kids can't go in there unless they have hats and coats and gloves and slippers on, which is The Crappiest Thing Ever since wrestlingthreekidsintowinterclothesjfdkjawep;aoienffalasdk!!!!

So subtract two cats, add one room, and then - just as I've come to rely on the peace that comes from adding an extra twenty feet and a door between the kids when they're extra full of energy and toys and fighting - subtract the room.

KAPOW! Seasonal Affected By Not Having An Extra Playroom Wah Poor Me Disorder.

*"of course", in this sense, meaning: I have no other excuse to offer for anyone who would add an extra hundred square feet to a house and neglect to even pretend to insulate it. Like, at all.


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