October 21, 2013

While My Cleaner Gently Cleans

I've had my house cleaned by someone other than me four whole times in the past two months, and have discovered a skill I never thought I possessed - or, at least - a skill I never thought I'd be capable of learning. It's a skill that has dramatically improved my life in ways I can barely describe.

Are you ready for it?

I am extraordinarily skilled at not cleaning before the housecleaner comes.

Amaze-balls, I'm sure.

Okay, for real now, I do pick things up off of the floor, but I don't sweep the floor. I put the tubby toys away, but I don't even think about the gritty ring of grit staring unblinkingly (because of the grit) at me from the inside of the bathtub.

Do you know what this skill of mine has done for me? It's created time out of thin air.

Just having a housecleaner creates time for stuff like this to happen:

Um. It seems that my involvement in Saturday Afternoon Science was limited to photographic evidence keeper, but I had a very important job that my not cleaning skills gave me the time to do: Keep Lucy Out Of It By Playing Silly Games With Her.

Turns out I have two amazing skills.Tremble in awe, mere mortals.