October 1, 2013

I'm stil cheap and busy all the time but sometimes I'm awesome

Most of my reading these days is finance. Some of it is great and interesting and exciting, most of it is all of that with a big fat middle school not at the end, so in self defense there's a tiny little section in my reader dedicated to Things That Are Not Finance.

This is one of those things: Free Our Kids DIY Superhero Capes. I haz them.

T-shirt met scissors met markers. Neck hole stays, everything else except the back (or front, depending) of the shirt goes. Despite Norah's disappointment that I can't draw Firestar for real and had to resort to a somewhat fiery F (it's like she doesn't even know me at all), these have been in constant use since July. Oscar sleeps with his beside him.

And never fear, Lucy the Insistent has one too:

p.s. As the Facebook gang already knows, I updated my About Page. It's thorough, accurate, and sensible.