September 9, 2013


Seth still makes good food.

This is good, because I still like to eat good food. Everybody wins.

In completely unrelated news, guess what season it is in Muskoka?

Need a hint?

Yup. It's strangers lining up taking pictures of my house and very often standing on the front porch to do it season. My favourite time of year.

I was genuinely excited when I saw this bus, because it's started early this year. I wasn't expecting them for at least another month. Nothing gives me quite the same bubbly, thrilly feeling in my stomach than watching flocks of tourist wander onto my lawn and pose awkwardly for picture. YAY!

Fortunately, I no longer have a slab of plywood for a front door. Instead, and no thanks to two of these three people, it is wildly, gloriously red

I've been known to stand across the street admiring it.

And you wonder why my neighbours love me so much...