September 23, 2013

Full of It

Gratitude and enthusiasm, that is.

Despite my curmudgeonly ways, I never thought my life would look like this. Guys: people pay me to dig through their statements and tell them what's what. I've been quoted in every national newspaper and one national personal finance magazine. (Uh, this is Canada. There's only one.)

I have a housecleaner. I work from home, and - as of the time of this writing - am only hours away from leaving said home for the weekend (alone) to attend a conference full of journalists and financial planners and personal finance bloggers.

Let me repeat the relevant part: blah blah blah alone blah blah somethingaboutmoney blah blah blah. I'm going to slip the surly bonds of responsibility and will be able to eat when I want. Stop for coffee if I want. Ride the subway. Read a book. Talk about money without being interruppted. Learn how to spell interrupted without being interuppted....oh, so many magical things!

And then, just as the guilt really sets in over leaving Seth alone with two and a half children* for the weekend, I'll come in on Sunday night, throw a bunch more stuff in the van, and leave again on Monday morning for a ten hour drive to Pennsylvania, during which trip my parents will be stopping by the house unexpectedly and often, so don't try anything funny.

My only regret is that I'll miss the bulk of Chinese Tourists Taking Pictures of my House Season, and - alas - won't be able to follow Dawn's suggestion and ask them what the deal is.**

*Mom's taking Lucy for a day and a half, so maybe that should be "two and a quarter children". What do I know? I'm bad at children division and offspring fractions are beyond me.
**Like I ever would anyway. Don't you know me at all?