July 8, 2013


This morning, Norah had a bad dream. It woke her up at quarter to six, and she came downstairs to sit on my lap and tell me about it.


Aside: now that I'm not pregnant anymore, I'm swinging the old "sneaking downstairs to write at 5am and hoping like hell that the kids don't wake up" cat around again, since I don't have any other cats to swing around.

It's working approximately as well as it did the last time


She saw this in my Twitter feed (My professional one, that is. I'm not convinced that The Mrs has anything to add that Sandi "The Professional" doesn't already say..heh heh.), and she asked me what it was.*

Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt at Night (NASA, International Space Station Science, 10/28/10)

"Egypt at night." says I, "See all the pretty lights?"

"Can we go there?" she asks.

"Mm, not now. It's pretty dangerous there right now."


"The people who live there are fighting with their government, and the government there is fighting with it's people."

"Oh." She points to the smaller pool of light to the right of Egypt. "Can we go there?"

"Weeeell, that's Israel. It's pretty dangerous too."

 She points back to Egypt. "Can we go there when they stop fighting?"

"Sure we can. It might take a long time, though."

"Oh. We'll have to check it every day."

That's what I think too.


*I'm warning you, I'm done with caring about making punctuation play nicely. From now on, "fall where you may" is my punctuational motto.