July 1, 2013

189 Awesome Things

This girl is almost five, and she's changed so much.

Okay, not so much. Whatever.

She's finished junior kindergarten - although her little friends have convinced her that she was in senior kindergarten this whole past year - and is now poised to enter fifth grade in September.

Anything that she finds extraordinary is One Hundred and Eighty-Nine, as in "I'm one hundred and eighty-nine happy", or "that cookie was one hundred and eighty-nine good". Rarely does she use it as an actual number.

She is simultaneously infuriating and hilarious. She'll say things like "I know how to spell princess. It's w w w dot c a t", and then ten seconds later flip out because you didn't guess exactly how she wanted to be tucked into bed.

If you ask her to tell you a joke, she'll say "A zebra is inside of a monkey", and laugh uproariously.

She still holds my hand when we walk together.

I'm taking gleeful advantage of it.

So is Lucy.

She's ridiculously easy to delight, and when you do - by sitting down to colour with her, or by telling her that you're having cereal for supper (hardly ever, stopdialingCASplease), her whole face lights up. Her eyes get so wide when she's truly excited, like when she declares: "I have two loose teeth, TWO of them!"

"I'm sorry for pushing you off the couch 3 days ago"

Also: she has a hard time getting along with Oscar, but it's okay, because she can write him cards of apology.