December 8, 2012

Lannis: Queen of Manipulation

So this is a cat blog now. Awesome.

* * *

I have long suspected that Hamster is a jerk. Loooooong suspected.

He eats. He sleeps. He avoids everyone. When put in his roller ball, he sits in the middle of the floor and stares at us.

He’s a jerk.

Then recently he escaped his cage, and made me take all the books off the shelves (because his favourite spot is hiding underneath our bookshelves), and have Mr Lannis help me move them to search for his fuzzy butt.

It was time consuming. And annoying.

And while the now-seven-year-old fretted that the cats might eat his lovable (ha!) Hamster—seriously, the kid was giving himself a coronary after watching Moggie toss a field mouse around the backyard—we shifted those damned bookshelves to discover... a hamster, blink, blink, blinking at us.

And this:

That, my friends, is a hamster-sized mountain of cat food. Along with a nice BIG hole (circled, with Mr Lannis’ hand beside it for reference) in our carpet.

Yes, not only did Hamster scurry across the living room to the kitchen and squirrel away cat food RIGHT under the noses of two mousers, he also decided that our carpet made good bedding material. And the underpad underneath did, too.

Yes, that’s our SUBFLOOR you can see beside Mr Lannis’ hand.


At least it’s under the bookshelves we have no plans to move any time soon?


So we put the situation to rights, replaced Hamster in his cage (several times the seven-year-old requested I not call his hamster a doofus—I kept forgetting), and went along our merry way.

The next day—still under house arrest thanks to her running off—Moghedien protested said house arrest by occupying what she probably thought was my favourite toy (thanks to its daily use):

I snapped this shot and uploaded it to Facebook, whereupon one of my friends (Hiya, Jacy!), mentioned that once upon a time she had a cat pee in her dryer...


If I didn’t know better, I’d think she was creeping my Facebook account!

This sudden rebellion of two pets in our usually serene (who’m I kidding? haha!) household seemed suspect...

There’s only one who hasn’t kicked up a fuss lately. She’s smart, she’s dignified, she’s prissy and a cat’s cat... she’s exactly the kind of personality that would manipulate two lessers into defiance so she looked like feline perfection by comparison.

Highly suspicious, Minette. Highly suspicious.

I’m on to you, missy...

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