October 15, 2012

Weird Or Not Weird?

In honour of the fact that I've just finished The Hunger Games (DIS-satisfied), I give you the "real or not real" game, except it's totally different and completely unrelated.

If you looked out your window this afternoon and saw this or any possible variation of it would it be weird or not weird?

And for you smartasses that are saying to yourselves (and those around you, because - let's face it - you are crazy): "that's the same thing she was blathering on about on Friday", then you, my friend, are wrong. Because this was on Friday, this was on Sunday, and what you see today is an entirely different group of people.

I've faithfully recreated the shot for you, and although I am aware of how fabulously wonderful and unicorns and stuff my house is, I still kind of have to wonder about the kinds of things these people have to photograph regularly, because seriously.

Here is me, creating an exact reproduction of the shot they were taking (not at all):

And here is the (digitally enhanced because I'm awesome like that) shot I hope ends up as a poster on every wall wherever these folks are from:

You'd totally stop the bus to take a picture of this house, real or not real?

p.s. Don't get off the warm cozy bus to take a picture of this mess in the rain. Buy one from me instead.