October 27, 2012

Lannis: No one has to know... unless you blog about it. (Whoops?)

So this week, I pretended to be a Food Blogger.

I say “pretended” because let’s face it, if one of either Sandi or I were going for the title of “Food Blogger,” it wouldn’t be me who wins...

But let’s pretend, because this week I tried.

I bought big ol’ hunks of pork loin centre at Costco, and decided I’d try my hand at some experimenting.

I sprinkled some kosher salt on the pan. I sliced apples. I laid that shit out and doctored that shit up sprinkled brown sugar on top like I knew what I was doing. My reasoning being that at one time my grandmother probably just did whatever in the kitchen and her brood ate it gratefully, so why can’t my experience be the same?

Okay, so my grandmother didn’t have the entire internet on hand for crowd-sourcing recipes, and more likely than not was cooking up wild game, but whatever...

Tiny steps.

Evidenced here:

And here:

Mr Lannis looked on doubtfully.

And when Mr Lannis finally opened his mouth to ask what the hell I was doing where my inspiration had come from, I mumbled something about Pinterest.

Pinterest being, of course, the place where all the new ideas come from in our household. And sure, I may have run my eyes over a recipe that included pork and apples. In fact, I’m sure of it. Did I refer to it at this juncture?



Lucky for my family, after forty minutes in the oven, our potential pork fiasco meal turned out like this:

And it was tender and delicious.

So yeah, if anyone asks, I totally knew what I was doing... just don’t tell Mr Lannis otherwise...

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