October 3, 2012

Can Canning

I'm hip deep in produce here, people, and I'm canning like there's no such thing as supermarkets.

This time of year makes me want to cut stuff up, season it, boil it, mush it into glass jars, boil it again, and then leave it on the counter to cool, coo over, and count like a Hoardy McMiserson.

So far there's beet jam, tomato jam, roasted tomatoes, and tomato sauce. In the works are two kinds of carrot jam. I'm thinking one with grapefruit and...something, and one with lime and cilantro.

I know.

The tomato jam is my all time favourite. It's spicy. It's sweet. It's delicious. It's to blame for that entire round of brie I ate yesterday since it was slathered with it.

Today I made a (small) dent in the apples by making a batch of applesauce. Except apples are like improperly hydrated Red River cereal....

...in that they expand to fill any vacant space left by removing other apples.

My arm hurts.