September 19, 2012

Little Paper Delights

There's a big orange rectangle over there to your right (um, unless the internet is actually a mirror, and you're sitting on the other side of my screen, in which case the rectangle is to your left and I creeped myself out) that means a lot to me.

Besides being the only paid advertising spot (and by "paid", I mean "not paid for, because from the amount of work she's done for me she should actually own this whole blog and part of Lucy's leg"), that orange rectangle represents a company that I believe in, a family run small business out of Detroit created by a Mississauga woman I love dearly.

Inklings Paperie is all about sweet, affordable paper goods that are knock your socks off beautiful and stylish beyond belief. I wrote about six different versions of a sentence that was meant to describe some of my favourites in her current collection, and realized that me no write so good, so look at the pictures:

This one in particular is my favourite. I pine for it so much that I almost want to have another baby just so I have an excuse to buy it.

The thing is, Martha Stewart's team has noticed this delightful little collection, and Lindsay's company is in the running to go to NYC and meet Martha Stewart (and be featured in her little old magazine) as part of the American Made Awards. It's a reader's choice award, which means daily voting, which also means that Lindsay is giving away a complete set of her newest creation, Vintags gift cards for wine, EVERY DAY.

You want one, trust me.

To enter, and to give Lindsay and Inklings Paperie the last little boost they need to rocket to first place in the last five days of voting, head on over to her profile page and vote your little heart out, then let her know here what your vote number was.

And you know what? If she makes it to NYC, and you voted for her, I'll pitch in and buy you any one of her sets you want. Comment on this post with your vote number every time you vote until September 24th and let's make sure that Martha Stewart and Lindsay Henry shake hands.