September 18, 2012

And Lo, Her Paradigm Did Shift

...And I'm afraid.

I lollygagged through the summer, trying my very best to get in all the sun, swimming, and bare toes I could before Norah headed off to kindergarten. My reasoning was sound (I thought): travel and have fun with everyone now, leave the laundry and bathrooms and floors unless they really, really have to be attended to , and save up all the stuff that needs to be done for when Norah's in school and I gain all the extra time that the daily divestiture of a child will give me.

Those of you with kids in school probably can't stop laughing. You're probably gasping for air right now at my naivete.

Who knew that walking to school and back (literally a block away...I can see it from my window as I type) twice a day would take up so much time? Who knew that the kids fighting with each other so much would keep them out of my hair long enough that I could slip upstairs to put laundry away?

Also: lunches, packing. By September 5th, the novelty had worn off.

Why didn't you tell me?