August 9, 2012


So Lucy does this now:

Despite evidence to the contrary, I'm kind of over posting all the milestones to Facebook...partly because third babies (if she was a boy, I was lobbying hard for Lucy's name to be Ender) don't actually have milestones, and partly because I'm quite aware (now) that No One Cares But Me And Possibly My Mother.

So that's why I blog. Heh heh.

In other totally blog worthy and not at all interesting to anyone except possibly my mother milestones, Oscar has realized he can get out of bed by himself (after two months of sleeping in a bed instead of a crib), and Norah has realized that there are more words on the page than we read. 

Neither of these things are good.

No, the real reason I wanted to show you a movie of my five month old eating her first bites of solid food while her siblings try to kill each other in the background is because I wanted to poll your collective reader wisdom on the subject of homemade baby food. Cereal, to be precise, because I clearly have the whole fruits and vegetable thing down pat.

Can I make my own baby cereal? Do I have to buy the Milupa, Gerber, or Heinz stuff because it has all that extra stuff in it? If she needs extra fortification slash vitamins slash stuff, can I just buy some iron drops and add them in?

I'm scared to ask my doctor, because - bless his soon to retire heart, I'm afraid to let him  know how dumb I am, and also because he still calls in pablum, and it makes me laugh uncontrollably.