August 14, 2012

Meanwhile, Seth Was Busy Being Awesome

I don't go in for heart-shaped things. I like books, beer, and food. So when I sat down to feed Lucy on Thursday before supper, and noticed that Seth had cleverly hidden a new Terry Pratchett book in my pile of books, I was pretty happy.

He does that a lot - clever book hiding. This time was different, though.

This time, when I picked up Snuff, I had a hard time opening it with the hand that wasn't holding Lucy. I thought there was one of those postcard pages in the center.

Nope. It was a diamond ring. (She said, nonchalantly.)

That man saved up bits and pieces of cash over the past few years, kept it hidden, and bought me a diamond ring with it.

Even better: He gave it to me on a totally normal day. He hid it in the hollowed out inside of a book that he knew I'd love to get on its own. He even wrote a page of nonsense (to anyone but us) dialogue for the ring page, copying the font and layout of the other pages so that it would blend in (so much so that he had to point it out to me.

Best of all: He made sure to have another copy of the book ready that didn't have fifty pages glued together with a ring-shaped hole in the middle, and then he fed the kids grilled cheese and got us sushi and a bottle of wine for us to have after the kids went to bed.

Nope. Nothing heart-shaped about that.

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