August 25, 2012

Lannis: Day in the Life Revisited

Uh... for the record, this post is less because I think everyone’s interested in how I fill my hours, and more because I couldn’t come up with a topic for this week. Cool? Cool. Heh.

7:13am - Wake up to Mr Lannis creeping into the bedroom for a sweater (he’s going snorkeling today at White’s Falls). Tell him to take my cell. Lay in bed as long as possible afterwards.

7:32 - Roll out of bed. Hit bathroom. Wash face, brush teeth, get dressed. Make bed, open blinds and windows of bedroom. Sunny day means one thing: laundry.

7:45 - Collect laundry. Sort.

7:50 - R (6.5 y/o) is up. Send him upstairs for his dirty laundry. Follow, realizing he can’t reach clothes for school (yes, school) today. Sneak into L’s room while he’s sleeping to collect laundry.

7:56 - Put on water for tea (less than the last DitL post, I promise). Put on laundry.

8 am - Pack R’s lunch for school with his help; begin steeping tea. Turn on laptop.

8:10 - Unload clean dishwasher, fill with dirty dishes. Clean slight kitchen mess those pesky night fairies have left behind.

8:12 - R has discovered our jerky Hamster has tipped over his food dish (first time ever). He thinks it’s funny. I think it’s assholey (yes, it’s a verb.)

8:15 - Copy kindergarten schedule (every other day, some Fridays) onto the calendar. L arrives in the kitchen. Promptly reminds me: no food.

8:17 - Put out cereal bowls for boys, make juice from concentrate.

8:20 - Make tea. Grab banana for breakfast. Eat. Start grocery list. Open email, log onto Facebook. Start this file.

8:47 - Referee boys (STOP MAKING YOUR BROTHER CRAZY!). Thank God one is going to school today. Hang laundry on line. Start second load.

9am - Let cats outside (yes, Asmodean has already snuck into being an outdoor kitty — only the backyard for now). Harvest a pair of underwire from cute-but-uncomfortable nightie, now making it a cute-AND-comfortable nightie, and put wire aside for future costuming.

9:02 - Freak out that it’s 9:02am, and then remember that no, now school doesn’t start until 9:30 so no, we’re not late. Transfer kindergarten calendar to iCal (because the hard copy in the cupboard is really just for Mr Lannis’ sake).

9:15 - Freak out that it’s 9:15am, and realize I’m still in yoga pants. Rush kids through getting shoes on, and change into jeans, then take kids to school.

9:30 - 9:50: Chat on schoolyard with other parents; admire new baby; drop friend off at her house.

9:50 - 10:45: Take 5 year old grocery shopping; go to butcher and put in order for pickup tomorrow — bring home pork chops for tonight’s dinner; head home, unload van and put groceries away. Update this list.

11am - Gather energy (read: start fresh pot of tea) and gear up to clean upstairs. Put foot down with 5-year-old: (Yes, the radio is ON and will stay ON. Mom’s vote counts more than yours, because she has to do chores and you get to play. Too bad.) Feel like a heel as he starts to cry (lately using tears as melodramatic leverage). Put foot down again. Realize he’s not wearing socks and send him upstairs. He tells me he’s also not wearing underwear. Lovely.

11:02 - Remember second load of laundry in washer waiting to be put on the line... (oops).

11:03 - Discover that load of whites I thought I put on was really only one blanket Mr Lannis used to lay in the sun yesterday, which I decided to wash since I’d fertilized the lawn the day before...

11:14 - Muck around online chatting with reread book club friends on Facebook about nothing, then remember I’m supposed to clean the upstairs...

11:18 - After chatting with L, update Facebook status.

11:19 - Realize I’ve dicked around on the Interwebs long enough that it’s technically lunch time. Make lunch for L (cauliflower, baby carrots, pea pods, with hummus, cheese, crackers, and a piece of sliced turkey), and for myself (turkey wrap with lettuce, cheese, and honey mustard). Eat and update this list. Muck about online with reread friends more... silliness and celebrating a birthday. Fun fun!

11:35 - Discover blood donor clinic tomorrow is set at an asinine time, and cross fingers that Mr Lannis will be home in time to look after kidlets so I can be there. Research next posted dates online, just in case.

11:51 - Swear I’m getting off the internet. Grubby bathrooms are a callin’...

noon - 3pm: Clean master bathroom (scrub toilet, shower stall, soaker tub, sink; wash out and refill shampoo, conditioner, and body wash dispensers in shower, replenish toilet paper stash; wipe counter, tile, baseboards, and cupboard doors; sweep and mop floor); clean boys’ bathroom (same list as previous, except it’s a shower/tub combo instead of separate); go through master closet and pull all clothes on backwards hangers (had set them that way on the first day of school last year, so I can see Mr Lannis and I haven’t worn these clothes all year), reset hangers; make pile of Mr Lannis’ shirts from “didn’t wear” pile that are a wider style, so he can try them on and I can see if I can alter them to be more narrow; bundle the rest of the old unused clothes into bag for charity; dust and vacuum four bedrooms; vacuum stairs; read a book (Magic School Bus) to L; water upstairs plants; give Minette a chin scratch (she swatted me when I stopped... wonderful); shower; sort dirty rags and mop pads for tomorrow’s laundry; iron fabric for boys’ Hallowe’en costumes (they were wrinkly in the dryer); give L a peach for a snack; eat a handful of sunflower seeds; update this list...

3pm - Remember I don’t have to leave to pick up R from school for another 30 minutes (at least — school gets out at 3:50pm now). Open Final Cut Express to edit some home movies while waiting. Give L gummies for cleaning up toy area without prompting (he totally earned them). Clip L’s fingernails and my own.

3:35 - Turn off laptop, change into jeans, get L to put on socks (yes, still hasn’t), and leave to go get R from school.

4:02 - Arrive back home. Remind R to unpack his backpack. Sweep up sand L dumps from his shoe in entryway. Change into yoga pants. Catch Asmo in front lawn — L has accidentally let him slip outside while dumping other shoe’s sand on front porch. Sweep sand from front porch.

4:15 - Turn on laptop. Open Final Cut Express (again). Update this list while video clips are rendering.

4:30 - 5:30 - Mr Lannis arrives home from his playday, he tells me about it, then I tell him about my day. Gather beans from garden while Mr Lannis starts the pork chops on BBQ. He notices a sunflower is broken — Asmodean probably tried to climb it to escape backyard — Mr Lannis cuts it for a vase. I cut more blooms from snowball bush for arrangement.

5:30 - 6:50 - Dinner. Then clean up (Mr Lannis and I tag team the kitchen). Sit down and laugh at silly things on Pinterest. Mr Lannis takes boys outside to practice bike riding.

6:50 - Grab camera to take pics of boys on bikes. Fail miserably. (Or well, underestimate how fast and far the kids travel on said bikes, sit on curb and wait for return).

7:22 - Give kidlets raisin bread and water as bedtime snack. Go online, discover more silliness on pickle status (hence screenshot).

7:32 - Send boys upstairs so Mr Lannis can oversee bedtime. Wash face. Referee boys while Mr Lannis chooses storybook (STOP MAKING YOUR BROTHER CRAZY!).

7:50 - Pour myself a drink (yes, alcoholic. Yes, it’s a Tuesday). Sit down to enjoy drink in sight of two loads of laundry waiting to be removed from line. Sigh. Argue with cat about how it could stay up overnight — not calling for rain. Cat wins. Remove laundry... but I’m not gonna fold it all! Muahahaha...

7:56 - Turns out cat didn’t care about laundry. She wanted food. Feed cats.

8pm - Edit screenshot and update this list.

8:08 - Settle in to watch Big Brother online with Mr Lannis.

8:37 - Drool over Jeff on Big Brother. Heh. Finish watching Big Brother.

9:22 - Giggle with Mr Lannis over the Bob Ross Quotes Generator site. Turn off laptop, brush teeth, and go to bed (this is far more exciting than it sounds. Trust. Sleep. Snnzzzzzz.)

That’s it. Now it’s Sandi’s turn to update how she spends her hours — because we all know it’s not maple candy season... heh.
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