August 17, 2012

In My Defense, There Was A Whole Bottle Of Wine Involved

Just after I wrote the Ring Cycle, I read an article about how most people online are only here to brag about their wonderful selves, amazing kids, perfect husbands, pin-worthy cooking, jaw-dropping organizational skills (pardon - skillz?), and practically perfect in every way lives.

And I felt terrible. (Still in possession of a surprise diamond ring, mind you, so not too terrible. Just slightly dead terrible.)

Because I had plans to write another post about it (actually, I realized I had more pictures I wanted to show you but only found them on my memory card today), and now feel like a bragging jerkface, because I'm still going to write it.

First, the inside of the book:

Then, the multiple attempts at trying to take a picture of the ring:

Then I got distracted by the sushi, and the very high likelihood that it was about to jump out of the roll and eat my face off:

Then I took this picture (wonder of wonders):

Thanks Terry.

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