July 19, 2012

You Know What This Means, Don't You?

Last Friday, I did this:

And while it needed needed NEEDED(!) to be done, it was a bittersweet moment for me.

Why bittersweet? It was Friday. The kids were home, and awake - except Lucy, who was sleeping on the floor beside me, like this, except with her eyes closed and not moving because - you know - she was asleep and not trying to hypnotize me with her chubby little baby hand:

I did not organize and file that enormous pile of business receipts on a Monday.

You know what that means? It means that Monday July 30th is the last day my children will be in daycare.

Goodbye Mondays, with your huge swathes of time to myself. Also, goodbye daycare, with your forgotten shoes, constantly runny noses, the need for disposable diapers, and a $138 payment every two weeks.

I won't miss you.

(Except I probably will, some Mondays when it's so hot and the kids are so grumpy that I am alternately mad because I'm melting and angry because I'm not melting because then I'd be melted and presumably wouldn't be able to hear the whining and crying or see the hitting and pouting and the kids would just feed themselves off the crumbs on the kitchen floor until Seth came home and then he'd see the puddle of me on the living room floor and assume it's cat puke and pretend to not see it until someone else points it out to me but it would be me in that puddle so the joke would be on him hahahahahahahahahahahaha......)

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