July 27, 2012

What The CSA?

This post could also be titled "What The Hell Do I DO With All This Lettuce?", because: seriously.

And you may be thinking "it's not THAT much lettuce, lady", and you'd be right, except this is a picture of last week's CSA basket, and I had all that lettuce still in my fridge when I got this:

So it IS an enormous amount of lettuce, and I'm not crazy.

Through my super human powers (of using the internet), I translated the beets I still had from two weeks ago, the beet greens and lettuce from last week, and the lettuce and potatoes I had from this week into a version of this salad, as my contribution to a dinner with some friends visiting from Germany. I don't know if they liked it, because they spoke German. (Totally not true. They spoke French.)

I also raided Food52's archives to make this for dinner, using up about half of the Swiss Chard. Don't worry, there's more. Lots more.

Between last week and this week, I have more green beans than I can shake a stick at*, two (more) loaves of dessert bread (Date & Walnut and Rhubarb & Something I Don't Remember And Can't Make Out From the Photo), a summer squash, more potatoes, two dozen eggs, the cutest little cabbage ever seen, more blade steaks, a round steak, garlic sausages, a pork butt steak that is confusing me, a whole free range chicken, and some bacon. 

For sixty dollars.

Now I don't know who's getting screwed. I don't think it's me.

*Explain, please. Maybe with a drawing. Or don't, because I think I'll use that for a mandatory entry into Monday's giveaway.

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