July 28, 2012

Lannis: Winning one battle...

Today I am here to say I am officially winning the battle of the green in my backyard. Remember this?

Yep. It’s coming along nicely.

Right now, 95% of it looks like this:

[Disclaimer: it’ll be mowed on Saturday—that’s a blue job. Heh.]

There’s a couple of square outlines where the climber should have be moved earlier—but the grass will come back.

There’s a patch that is still short due to high traffic and compact soil—but I bought a foot-operated coring lawn aerator and will be tackling that in the fall.

And then there’s one dried out patch that could be because Mr Lannis cut the grass too short after my last hand-weeding (don’t worry—I snuck into the garage and shifted the height on the lawn mower when he wasn’t looking. I’m relieved, too), or it might be due to grubs...

Yes. Grubs.

Disgusting, slimy-looking, whitish-grey grubs. ::shudder::

And how do I know? Well, because I’m 99% sure our front lawn is infested with them.

And I know because our neighbours’ lawns are overrun with them.

Yeah... the front lawn? Let’s just say I called retreat on that battle when the heat wave hit. It’s looking pretty snarly and ugly right now. And after some research into nematodes, I’ve realized I just need to let it go for a bit and when the weather cools, I’ll work on it.

Nematodes, weeding, aerating, top dressing, and over-seeding. How’s that for a To Do list?

(Psst... don’t tell anyone that I’m not planning on having the energy to get it done... ha!)

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