July 9, 2012

God Bless You, Kijiji (Also: You Suck)

Remember this lovely collage (from this Kijiji post)?

Now (and no thanks to people very much like these wonderful specimens), it looks like this:

Alas, we still haven't found the right lunatic Darkfriend kind soul for Daisy to go home with.

You'd think, with all the caring people in the world, whose tender hearts are so burdened with the well-being of strange cats that they watch Kijiji for people they can chastise for euthanizing giving back to the pound writing terribly awkward sentences trying to find a better home for their pets, that someone would have rescued her by now.

Instead: (double click to enlarge)


::wipes tear::

Those three have restored my faith in humanity, they really have. And while they were doing that, me and these two guys went out for a beer and had a great time.

(If anyone else has similar slices of wonderful humanity to share, I've got a Kijiji replies album up on Facebook. It's pretty rad, but it could be radder...)

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