July 12, 2012

CSA Ya Later

I've got one week of CSA boxes under my belt, and already I'm a pro.

Um. Not really.

For instance, yesterday I showed up at Kerri-Ann's stall at the farmers market with two twenties, and was too chicken to remind her that we had agreed on thirty dollars when she tucked the twenties away and didn't give me change.

In fairness, she did put more in the box this week:

Now I've got all week to work up the courage to tell her I have chives, dill, and oregano growing in my backyard for free, and that I'd rather do my own baking, however good her rhubarb banana bread and butterscotch walnut cookies sound. She's just so nice.

And I'm such a weenie.

My CSA box this week also had lettuce, spinach, two different kinds of beets with lovely fresh greens, a bunch of radishes, more onions than I know what to do with, fresh farm eggs, and a Cornish hen.

You may be wondering how I did with last week's bounty - including that blade steak that so confused me (as an aside, DISQUS decided to stop notifying me of new comments, so I got your advice too late WilliamB. Boo.)

As a matter of fact, I think I did quite well. The only things that got wasted were some radishes that I trimmed and washed...and promptly forgot on the counter overnight to dry out and get incredibly whizzled.

The romaine lettuce was stir fried with garlic and used as a base for the blade steak, which was a kind of failure due to my complete inability to braise anything smaller that a two pound roast.

The radish greens were chopped up small (to avoid that "I'm being stabbed in the mouth" feeling) and used with three of the eggs in this Smoky Mountain Wilted Lettuce salad (which was awesome, by the way):

I also managed to throw some radish greens into this Summer Vegetable Stir Fry (also awesome):

So far, so good. Cornish hen's on the menu tonight, along with roasted radishes and beets with brown butter.

Oh boy. What would I do without Epicurious?