July 30, 2012

A Week Of Cloth Diapers: Why Thirsties?

It's Cloth Diaper Week hereabouts (also cowboy week, apparently), complete with giveaways! (That's right, I used an exclamation point. Because there's more than one giveaway!)

 If you'd rather gnaw off your own arm than read about cloth diapers, there's a special giveaway just for you later on this week. Until then, why don't you go read something more entertaining?

This week's posts will include this love song to Thirsties, the bare bones list of what I think you need to have to cloth diaper on the cheap, a breakdown of our cloth diapering routine, including how I came to grips with our front loading washing machine, a cost comparison of cloth vs. disposables in theory and cloth vs.disposables in fact, and a post by Seth, who (spoiler alert) does not love the cloth diapers.

Today's giveaway? None other than a Duo Wrap from the lovely folks at Thirsties, who took pity on this small blog. Mostly because I begged unashamedly.

* * *

The idea of cloth diapering is overwhelming. Pardon me, that's understated. Let's try it again: cloth diapering and all of it's accompanying stuff is so overwhelming that when we first started thinking about switching I wanted to call the United Nations and ask for an interpreter, and - since the UN was surprisingly unhelpful when it came to explaining what "AIO" stood for - crawl into my closet and forget all about it. 

It was the rental package that saved us.

Test driving all of those different kinds of (mostly expensive) diapers let us see what worked on our pork roast of a son and what was more suited to, er...more delicate type babies. Thirsties was it.

The Thirsties Duo Wraps we've used for Oscar since he was a year old are kind of worn and kind of stained. One of them has de-laminated, and the Aplix has come away from the stitching on the waistband, but all I have to do is work up the energy to pull out my sewing machine and fix it.

When Lucy was born, we left her in disposables for a while until her umbilical cord healed up, and when I first put her in her brand new size one wraps she was so bulky and stiff I was sure she'd be mad at me for making her unbendable.

She was. But she got over it.

I made the mistake of ordering six size one Wraps for little Lucy, but little Lucy didn't stay little for long. The newspaper fold + Snappi + Duo Wrap phase lasted only about two seconds months. Oops.

Now I have a two year old and a five month old in prefolds and Thirsties Duo Wraps.

We (and by "we" I mean "they") have the occasional leak or blow out, but no more frequently than they did in disposables. I have no plans to buy more diapers. Ever.

So far, so good.
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