July 31, 2012

A Week Of Cloth Diapers: Tactful And Sane. Ish.

It's Day Two of Cloth Diaper Week hereabouts (also cowboy week, apparently), complete with giveaways! (That's right, I used an exclamation point. Because there's more than one giveaway!)

 If you'd rather gnaw off your own arm than read about cloth diapers, there's a special giveaway just for you later on this week. Until then, why don't you go read something more entertaining?

This week's posts will include this love song to Thirsties, the bare bones list of what I think you need to have to cloth diaper on the cheap, a breakdown of our cloth diapering routine, including how I came to grips with our front loading washing machine, a cost comparison of cloth vs. disposables in theory and cloth vs.disposables in fact, and a post by Seth, who (spoiler alert) does not love the cloth diapers.

Don't forget to enter yesterday's giveaway: a Thirsties Duo Wrap
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* * *
My first (failed) foray into cloth diapering started - as many things in my life do - with an exercise in Superhuman Tact:

Me, a few months pregnant with Norah, noticing that a friend is using cloth diapers: "Oh, but you're sane..."

Yes, my friends, I'm just as awkward in real life as I am online. Surprise!

I bought her sister's diaper stash for $200. It looked like this:

Armed with nothing but my (also Superhuman) mothering instincts, as this was before I discovered the internet as a repository for more information than just when my library books were due, I wrapped a two month old Norah up in a Mother-ease diaper and cover and took the whole idea of cloth diapering for a spin.

For about a minute.

Horrified by the sheer size of the diapers, and completely ignorant as to the next steps (you know, the ones that come after the diaper is dirty), I abandoned cloth diapering entirely. After one diaper.

I'm still proud of myself.

Fast forward three years (and by "fast forward", I mean "go read the post from a few months ago where I explained the decision to cloth diaper because I'm too lazy to recap it all again"), and we have a five month old and a two year old in cloth diapers. Happily, despite their obvious disgruntlement.

I know what to do after the diapers get dirty, I have a respectable stash that didn't require a second mortgage to obtain, and - most importantly, in my opinion - I am sane.

Sane-ish. At the very least, sane-ish.

(Seriously, don't forget to enter yesterday's giveaway...and stay tuned for tomorrow's.)