June 11, 2012

Truth In Advertising

Scan Kijiji for cats, free or otherwise*. Anywhere.

You'll see this:

If you're new around here, I'm working on getting rid of my cats. I've got one foisted off on some unsuspecting chump**, but that was the nice one, albeit the barfer.

Daisy's the leftover. She's been listed on Kijiji since Oscar was born (uh, two years ago, my friends. Two. Years.) She's the one with "personality", but her ad has always read something like "dainty little cat with great personality...with two three kids we don't have time to give her the kind of loving attention she deserves blah blah lie lie something something more lies..."

Then my conscience pricked me (after two years, mind you), and I've decided to tell the truth. Like so:

Double click to enlarge. It's worth it.

*(Seriously. Who's going to BUY a cat?)
**I mean, "nice guy". Um...

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