June 20, 2012

To Market, To Market

We were at the farmer's market bright and early this morning (er, nine o'clock), because it is so stinking hot today that I can't bear to drag my hot sweaty meatball children around in the heat of our usual arrival time - eleven-thirty (you know, just in time for the dreaded Lunch Grumps. The kids are pretty bad then, too.)

Except it was hotter this morning at nine than it usually is at full on noon, and I still dragged my kids out in it, and all for the sake of dandelion greens (not found, bought kale instead) and frisee (found) to make this for tonight. Because there's nothing better on a stinking hot day than a hot salad. Awesome.

Five minutes in and not yet a quarter of the way through the circle, and Oscar was already trailing ten steps behind and stopping every seven seconds to talk to whatever dog was in the vicinity. Norah had picked up a rock and was talking into it like it was a phone, sweat pouring down her face. Lucy was asleep, like the good third child she is.

My other reason for needing to go to the market was to bother a local farmer who is planning on starting a CSA. I want to build a website for her farm, because she sells happy meat, happy eggs, and happy produce (um.), and I've only just heard about her.

By walking past her stand. 

People. Please. You can't not be online. You just can't. Am I right?

She wasn't there. Crap. I was hoping to trade a CSA share this summer for the website.

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