June 23, 2012

Lannis: Time's Up

I tried. I truly did. But I am at the end of my proverbial rope.

And so I call on you, fancy folk of the Interwebs, to lend a hand—or at least a few suggestions, if you so please.

You see, my kidlets are early birds. As in: if the sun is up, so are they.

And it’s not that they’re the kind of kids to leap into bed with their parents, startling us awake (we’re heartless souls who outlawed that on pain of death, therefore our children do not breach the sanctity of our bedroom unless they are ill. Or if they think the zombie apocalypse has hit. You know, emergencies only).

No, they get up, gravitate to the toy area (naturally), and proceed to play quietly. For a bit. Until they forget it’s the ass crack of dawn way too early and get carried away.

Then Mr Lannis and I hear them, to discover it’s the ass crack of dawn 5:30am, and our kids are hosting a Lego man party—complete with bread and grapes they have pilfered from the fridge.

If we put them to bed later, they wake up at the same time—and they have venetian blinds and curtains to darken their rooms, and they still manage to sense that bloody sunrise.

So I put this in their bathroom:

The new rule being that if it isn’t 7am, THEY MUST STAY IN THEIR BED!

Guess what? Now we get to hear the doors clicking open and shut repeatedly between 5:30 and 7am, while they CONSTANTLY CHECK THE TIME.

I give up.

Or maybe I’ll just invest in another clock and give them one each in their bedrooms... Hm.

Any other suggestions?

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