May 9, 2012

What I'm Not

So I'm sitting in my backyard, watching my children alternately fight, ignore each other, play nicely, and eat weeds while I wait for my wireless connection to come back on line (it doesn't. I have to upload this when I get inside), and it occurs to me to wonder what it's all about.

Not the weed eating - I think I know what that's about. It's probably some kind of nutritional deficiency, and if it means that I have fewer weeds in my backyard and my kids eat more greens? I'm fine with it. Farm to table and all that nonsense, right?

No, today I'm wondering what this blog is all about. I'm having a wee moment, and am pretty sure that there's about to be some serious navel-gazing going on, so fair warning.

Clearly I'm not able to blog as often as I used to back in the leisurely days of working full time, being pregnant, and parenting two children under three. Trying to blog while being a stay at home mother with a housekeeper (however temporary) and up to date taxes is obviously more than I can handle.

When I first started blogging in December of 2010, I was a little more than halfway through my year long maternity leave with Oscar, hoping desperately that by living cheaply (and never using the word frugal) I could stay at home when my back to work date rolled back around in April. I was serious. I was "how-to". I was virtuous.

Wop-wanh. (Or whatever that sound is.)

Gradually - most noticeably when I went back to work and was immediately buried in paper - cracks appeared in my Frugality Blogger facade, and my natural weird started to shine through. I always felt a little strange writing about saving money on groceries as if you should be emulating me or something - I don't even make my own laundry detergent, for heaven's sake. I can't be a How To Live Frugally blogger because I barely know how to do it myself.

So here I am, a year and a half of blogging later. I'm in my third (!) month of maternity leave for Lucy, and - again - I dearly hope to stay at home come next February. We still have very little money to throw around, I still love my budget spreadsheet, I'm still a natural cheapskate when it comes to most things, and I still like to talk about money. Not much has changed, really.

I'm just not a Frugality Blogger, and I like to write poems to Terry Pratchett.

And I'm okay with that.

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