May 29, 2012

The Fourteen Hour Tour

INT. Van, clearly at the beginning of a long road trip. Has obviously been packed with great love and care by SANDI (mother, early thirties, slightly confused). NORAH (girl, almost four, round cheeks, big brown eyes, solemn expression) has opened up her travel backpack and spread out everything on her lap. The soundtrack to The Muppets is playing in the background. GPS Arrival Time readout: 4:32 PM

NORAH: Barf.

SANDI: Oh honey. We'll get you all cleaned up.

SETH (father, later-than-SANDI-thirties, great big bushy beard) jumps out and starts to clean NORAH up. 

SETH: Barf.

- - - -

INT. Van, less tidy. NORAH is wearing different clothes and still has a little barf in her hair. The Muppets is still playing. GPS Arrival Time readout: 5:13

OSCAR (Son, two years old, blue eyes and delicious dimples. Can only speak in Whine or Shout.):Daddy! I needa talkayou for a minute!

SETH: Yes, Oscar?

OSCAR: Is a holiday?

SETH: Yes, Oscar.

LUCY (Daughter, three months old): [unintelligible]

- - - -

EXT. Future Shop parking lot. SANDI is running back to the store, having unsuccessfully purchased as iPad 2 (for the business) instead of the new iPad (for the business). GPS Arrival Time Readout: 6:12

- - - -

INT. Van, much less tidy. OSCAR, having just completed an enormous snack, is covered in crumbs one. Fruit snack smears. The Muppets is.still.playing.

OSCAR: I need a nack.

SETH: You just had a snack.

OSCAR: I dropped my water!

SETH retrieves OSCAR's water.


LUCY: ...

- - - -

Other stuff happened, then we got there. At 9:39. Listening to The Muppets.