April 24, 2012

Why Yes, I AM Freakishly Crafty

I would love to say that this whole thing was my idea, but it wasn't. It was Seth's.

Well, it started with Norah, who woke up this morning and plucked "cut out Hello Kitty" from her mysterious brain as her most desired activity for the day. And then I thought: "paper dolls".

And then I thought: "Oscar", "ripping things in half", and "apocalypse".

At which point Seth intervened with my new favourite four letter word: F-E-L-T.

You may remember the malevolent hot dog and my plans to fill Norah's entire play kitchen with felt food, and - depending on how well you know me - you might have already guessed that I have a lot of felt lying around and not much to show for it.

Which is why I jumped on a Hello Kitty felt board idea as if it was a jar of maple candy (all for meeeee!).

To the internet!

To the empty cereal box! And scissors!

To the felt!

To the paper!

Back to the empty cereal box! And the felt! And the scissors!

To the girl!

I'm pretty sure you can't see it from where you're sitting, but from where I was sitting there was a pretty big smile on that girl's face. (Not Hello Kitty's face, obviously, her being slightly deficient in the mouthal area.)

I told you: Freakishly. Crafty.

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