April 17, 2012

Kijiji Is Renovating Jr's Room

So after living in this house for two years (to the day, even), we're finally doing something about the Disney Flesh Room.

To be honest, it hasn't bothered me with its ugliness...because I keep the door closed. But the time has come to de-Disney and de-Flesh it, since we need to put a kid in it and don't want to scar his little psyche (well, not with interior decorating, anyhow).

The thing about home improvements, though, is that they cost money, so we decided to let other people pay for this one by selling a bunch of stuff on Kijiji, like so:

We've sold stuff on Kijiji before, but not on this scale, and - dumb - we just let what little money we made get absorbed into our wallets...and then spent. On food, probably.

This time, we're keeping the money apart and using it to pay for the few things we need for this room. Like dumping fees for the Disney border, since we had to wait for Hazardous Waste Day.

So far, we've sold the remote control ($40), dog crate ($35), and dishwasher ($100 after we scrubbed the crayon off), and the proceeds have brought the room to this point:

Maybe I should respond to the guy who wants me to ship a roof rack C.O.D. "because I really, really want it and how else am I going to get one?"

Or maybe Jr can wait a little longer for his new room.

 This time last year: But...