April 30, 2012

Building My Hello Kitty Empire (Mwa-ha-ha)

Ever since last week and the birth of the Hello Kitty felt board, new ideas for what to make have been percolating through my little brain. Pretty much non-stop, actually, which has seriously impeded my ability to function in normal human society, but their fruition has been delayed since there's not a lot of two hour blocks of time to be had around here.

Uh, none.

For the next four weeks, though, Oscar is in daycare on Mondays and it's just me and Norah - oh, and Lucy, the Easily Forgettable Baby* - and today we've been Hello Kittying our faces off.

What she needed today (other than a mouth, as Norah continually reminds me) was someplace to live, and fortunately for my wallet, I was able to use my amazing math skills to work out the equation:

Old Flannel Bedsheet + Old Felt Blackout Curtain + Old Spring-Loaded Curtain Rod = Free Felt Board

Like so:

After all that sewing, the only thing we had time to make was some kitchen stuff. Of course.

*True story: we spent all yesterday morning outside working on our horrible back yard (slightly less horrible now, thankfully) with Lucy chilling out in her car seat. She was so...what's the term? Oh yes: Third Baby that we forgot her outside when we came out for lunch.**

**Not for long, so relax. I'm sure I read in one of the baby books that two hours outside alone is perfectly fine for a two month old baby.