April 27, 2012

Best. Yard. Sale. Ever.

The first thing we saw at this yard sale - the best yard sale - is the last one I'll show you. Because it is that awesome.

You know, like my aversion to Goodwill, my dislike of yard sales has eroded over time (and forced exposure - thanks Seth), and has morphed into A Good Time. Provided I have my coffee with me, and it's not raining.

Speaking of coffee, on Saturday we went to our first yard sale of the season, despite the frigid weather, and I was rewarded with the coffee mug of my dreams.

No, it's not the ladylike white one - that's Seth's. He found it at the Dollar store two months ago and hasn't drank a drop of coffee from any other receptacle since. Dainty. I've spent some time laughing at him, rinsing out his cup from the morning so he wouldn't have to drink his afternoon coffee out of some mug.

And then I found the unspecial, unglamorous, Corningware (for goodness sake) mug that is now my own personal obsession. I know you don't understand, so I'll help you:

 Doesn't that look appealing? Wouldn't you want to drink every coffee you ever drink for the rest of your life out of this robin's egg blue mug with the little chip out of the handle?

Too bad, you can't. It's mine. All miiine!

So there's that.

But there's also this. And it is perfect. It has brought my entire life full circle, and if a lizard broke into my house tonight and ate my brain, I'd die happy having experienced this moment. And now you can too. (Experience the moment, that is, not die happy.)

(Uh, not that I want you to die sad, or anything. Or die at all, for that matter. You know, if that was under my control something something.)

You're so very welcome.

Also this. Just because.