April 10, 2012

And Baby Makes Zero (Books Read, That Is)

That's not exactly true; now that Bean's out of my uterus, I have more time to read. Time I was previously using up by sleeping all the time.

No, my problem is not finding time to read (I'll carve it out of my own eyeball, if I have to.)<— That made sense. Yes, it did.

The problem is also not about finding books to read. See exhibit A (through G):

Since I only ever buy books that I L-O-V-E, and since I'm a serial re-reader owing to the fact that I have a memory like a Kleenex diaper, I've got plenty of material that I can go back to again (and again, and again, and again...)

I also have a lovely library less than a block away that still has all the books I used to read (again and again and again) when I was younger and lived here. Also, the women there know me and my kids, I went to high school with one of them, and some of them read this blog (Hi.) They are fabulous.

No, my reading problem begins and ends with this woman:

You see, it might not be apparent to you, if you're blind in one eyeball or if your computer doesn't turn on on Saturdays, but this Leslie woman is a zealous proselytizer for Robert Jordan's epic(ly long) series Wheel of Time.

And - sneaky, sneaky - she bought me the first book and sent it to me in the mail.

And now that I have to read the whole series, and just finished book three (that she brought with her to lend me - read: "ensure the first free taste really took hold" - the last time she visited), I find that my library (which I otherwise love, obviously) doesn't have books four and five, which are listed - somewhat foolishly, in my opinion - as "reported returned".

Now I have to wait however long it takes for book four to get here from some other town. And I have to read something while I wait.

Suddenly, my collection is feeling a little on the sparse side.

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