March 11, 2012

Still Here. Just Reconfiguring.

I haven't left the house since Bean was born, except for an excursion to my parents house for my Dad's birthday.

It's been awesome. Seth has been my Getter Of Groceries (which probably explains why we've stuck relatively close to the budget), and I haven't turned on the computer for days. I'm even typing this on his phone from - you got it - the couch.

I don't plan on being this much of a Luddite for long, but just like when I was pregnant, the irresistible lure of the couch is proving hard to ignore at naptime and after the older kids are in bed. It might have something to do with my insatiable infant daughter, whose goal seems to be to gain a pound a week, but who has yet to master Not Falling Asleep While Eating, resulting in hour long feeding for twenty minutes worth of milk and run on sentences.

I've got a few posts planned for the next few days, including some budgeting navel gazing, more experiments in search of the perfect granola recipe, more guest posts from WilliamB and Lannis, and a guilt ridden hate letter to daycare.

Fascinated, aren't you?

In completely different news, I still want to get to know you reader folks, so if you haven't already (and we both know you haven't) head back to Thursday's post and introduce yourself.

Because one thing this phone can do is run Google Reader, and I have a lot of couch time to fill.