March 22, 2012

Outside Is My Friend

Hey, remember last year?

Remember how I was writing a series of posts about my Backyard DIY project, and how we were being so frugal and fixing it up ourselves, planting a garden, and making it a great space for our family to spend our time outside?

Remember the tomatoes, and the resulting post that is - bar none - My Favourite Post Of All Time (today)?

Remember how I went back to work, and got pregnant, and the Backyard DIY tag fell by the wayside, never to be heard from again?

Here's what you missed:

Our tomato harvest languished on the vine until the snows came, which is why this year we've broken out the seed starter (the same one as last year, since we're obviously such frugal gardeners <-- perfect spot for sarcasm font) and started seeds for three tomato plants and no more.

NO MORE, I tell you.

This is also why the kids and I have spent the last week of great weather (in Muskoka, anyway) in our front yard.

(Hey, breaking news: I've actually managed to get a post scheduled for tomorrow and the next day, which these days is like me posting every three hours it's so extreme. Also, one is by WilliamB, who's not making yoghurt, and one is by Lannis who I'm seeing on Monday (MONDAY!), and who is about to scare you with our scary - and slightly blurry - mug shots. Forewarned is forearmed.)