March 7, 2012

Nothing But Granola Goodness

It's been a while since I've sung the praises of Molly Wizenberg, so here's a little ditty:

I made her latest granola recipe - with only two minor substitutions - and It. Is. Great. I meant it as an oatmeal alternative at breakfast time, but have instead been eating it by the handful whenever I can. And I haven't been sharing.

Granola doesn't even place on a list of my top 1500 foods, yet somehow this recipe has transcended all other foods for me in the past three days.

Seriously. It makes about seven cups of goodness, and the only reason I have about a half cup left is because I only just made more and didn't want to suffer a moment that I didn't have any in the house.

It might be the molasses (one of my substitutions), it might be the crispy, light crunch, or it might be that small taste of salt against the sweet.

Whatever. It's good. Enough trying to figure out why.

I've tweaked the recipe again this second time, because it calls for one and a quarter cups of pecans, and while pecans call sweetly to my soul (they're definitely in my top 1500), they are expensive enough to string on a chain and wear as jewelry, so if this pecan free batch that I just made is still drool-worthy without them, my cheap little soul will be smiling all the way to Bulk Barn.

If I ever perfect my version of the recipe, I'll post it for you, and I might even - a la Jeanie at The Tasty Cheapskate - do up a little cost breakdown for you.

Because nothing tastes better than this granola, except possibly this granola but cheaper.

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