March 24, 2012

Lannis: A Thousand Words...

So I realized the other day that Sandi and I have a horrible habit of, well, rarely being in the same room together, but when we do we wait until the end of a visit filled with our wacky sense of humour and possibly hysterical laughter to visually document the fact we managed to get together...

Which means we generally look a shambles. I swear we both clean up good, but for whatever reason we can’t prove it.

So here’s a few shots I have from our last three visits, spanning the last four years (yes, it’s that sad).

And yes, we look like fools. I’m not apologizing to Sandi — she has ultimate veto on posting, it’s her show after all, and if I never see this published I know why, ha! — and I doubt this is the first time someone reading this has stumbled upon our little corner of the Interwebs, but if so, yes, we’re weird. Yes, we’re really this unapologetic about it — it’s just the way we roll.

I submit to you, the evidence...

Back in August 2009 —

Clearly we have issues keeping it together long enough to focus a camera...

Okay. That’s better. Marginally. Depends on how high (or low) your standards happen to be.

Last summer, July 2011 —

And here we are again... blurry... (I sense a pattern.)

Okay. Better again, but we look like we’re stuck to each other.

And January 2012, our most recent shenanigans, I’ll confess there were FIVE photos taken (possibly more, but I deleted them), and these three were the most respectable hilarious.

We look. Like. Fools.

Clearly we cannot take a decent photo together to save our lives. That’s okay, because frankly, if the zombie apocalypse hits, I’m fairly sure I’m cannon fodder...

So I’m looking forward to going to visit Little Miss Bean... and maybe Sandi and I will break our goofy streak?

Erm... who’m I kidding?

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