March 15, 2012

Lannis: TAG! Over-sharing ahoy!

Since Sandi so wonderfully set up that tag list of over-sharing, I figured I’d compile my own eleven items and give you lovely folks another chance to fall victim be involved...

To quote The Mrs:

There are rules to this game. I'm not following them. I'm sorry. (I told you: I'm lazy, and I cheat.)

Here are the rules I'm only partially following:

You must post the rules. (Check!) - Post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post - Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've tagged - Tag eleven people and link them on your post - Let them know you've tagged them!

And re: cheating at tag? Yeah, I wasn’t even tagged so how’s that for busting in and taking over? Ha! HA!

But I’ll actually use some of Jane’s original questions (I’ll put them in square brackets)... mostly because my brain has trouble functioning without direction... but some of her questions I really have no answers to — and no offense, Jane, I’m too lazy to bother thinking about it concretely to decide on an answer (and I have a tendency to digress as it is)...

Eleven things about me you may or may not care about:

[Your best holiday ever.] Christmas is always my favourite, but until the boys were old enough to light up about the magic of it all, there’d been a handful of rather dull ones (yes, growing up sucks). Basically I like the “good food” time of year... it starts with Thanksgiving (in Canada that means October), and runs right up until the holiday leftovers have all been consumed sometime in January...

TWO [A skill that you don't have but wish you did.] Photographic memory. Yes, I consider this an envious skill. My memory is the shits... and I use that term in the negative.

THREE [Best decision you've made.] To not care anymore. Very freeing. I probably piss off more people this way, but I don’t care! See how that works?! Bwahaha!

FOUR [Scariest thing you've done in the past 12 months.] Follow doctors’ orders.

FIVE [Your favourite blog right now.] Even though Sandi said I could write a post about sex — yes, she DID! I have visual proof! —

I am still not posting my actual favourite blog. It’s a Tumblr that involves zombies, feminism, proper tie-tying techniques, sex, eloquence, books, profanity, and all-around awesomely intelligent geekery. It possibly includes a screen name that makes some women want to hyperventilate because they hate a certain word that much (it’s just language, people, chill — the only power it has is what you give it).

Also? Possibly one of those descriptive statements is false. Or not. Heh.

My runner-up current favourite blog, which probably is still pushing the boundaries of propriety, but is oh-so-endearing, and is written by a woman who clearly cherishes her husband and family, is I Will Never Say No in 2012. Mrs Yes’ New Year’s resolution for 2012 is to — yep — never say no to her hubby’s advances. Here’s her first post, which includes a list of hypotheses for her personal social experiment.

SIX [Favourite quote that sums you up.] Risk being unliked. - Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird.

And now for random items to round out the list...

SEVEN I consider myself more spiritual than religious, but if I hear a siren, I automatically send a prayer to God that the people who need help are okay. I have taught my children to do the same.

EIGHT I believe that there are friends that come and go in our lives for a purpose: we learn something from them, and them from us, and what it is we learn may be unknown to either parties.

NINE I use a lot of profanity and I have a dirty mind. Seriously. Sandi has me set to PG for the blog. If there are no kids around, I can rival drunken sailors and I won’t even notice. I blame the mini-career in bartending.

TEN If it’s crafty, I’ve probably tried it. And I tend to have a lot of innate skill in areas where it’s nigh impossible to make a living. (No, there was no intentional sexual innuendo there. Yes, I really do have a degree in Creative Writing.)

ELEVEN The night I met my husband, I told my mom (partially in jest) that I was going out to the bar to pick up. Our first date was the next day. Something something if-you-set-your-mind-to-do-something something. Next month we’ll have been together twelve years.

And now, because I’m even lazier than Sandi, I’m just going to cut and paste the end of her previous tag post here, and hope she remembers to add in the linky widget (let’s see if she’s proof reading my ramblings, yes?)

From our Mrs:
And now for some rule breaking. Instead of tagging people whose blogs I already know about, what I'd really like to know is all about you folks; you patient, long-suffering readers who have stayed through morning sickness, laziness, and even poems to Terry Pratchett.

If you blog, I'd love to visit. I've added a linky widget and would be overjoyed (happy, anyway, if we want to avoid overstating things) if you'd let us all know who you are. As for you that aren't into oversharing on the internet, but want to make an exception just this once (because you looooovvve me), then maybe give us a little snippet of eleven things about you in the comments. Or seven. Or twenty. Whatever.

Ed: I DO proofread. Silly goose. But the linky stays on the original post. GO THERE.

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