March 23, 2012

Food Waste Friday: Two Surprises

Surprise One: I'm actually participating, and have am not only posting, but am posting twice in one day.

Before. Stuffed to the brim. Gross.
 Surprise Two: The wasting wasn't as bad as I thought, although I could have Not Wasted almost all of this (as well as the carrot and ginger soup that I threw out before I remembered to take a picture).

The leftover quinoa at the top was supposed to be turned into quinoa cakes, the carrot soup was meant to be redeemed of it's dreadful over-saltiness by having some leftover cauliflower added to it, and the noodles and shepherd's pie were - let's face it - meant to be eaten.

The turkey and dumpling soup was left out for four hours or so by accident, and even I'm not brave enough to chance it, although clearly the best course of action after discovering this oversight is to put it back in the fridge to rot some more.


After. Less full. Not gross. Enough food to bode well for the grocery budget tomorrow.
And now we're ready to shop (<-- ten points if you can say it with a Russian accent and fan yourself with cash at the same time. Thirty if you know - and love - the commercial I'm referring to.)