February 8, 2012

Surprise! My Kids Wear Second Hand Clothes

There are so few surprises in life, aren't there? The fact that my kids wear second hand clothes can't be one of them, but I thought I'd add a little excitement to your day by pretending. Later on, I'm going to surprise you with a confetti cannon that works over the internet. It will be awesome.

Also great? Between the ridiculous amount of (summer) clothes we have from when Miss was born, the stuff we've been given as presents (poor third baby), and the stuff we found at Once Upon A Child, Little Miss Bean is going to be not naked and not cold.

These are good things.

Since we were at Once Upon A Child yesterday on the way back home from yet another eyeball appointment in the city, we also picked up the few things we'll need for Miss and Jr to get them through to the summer.

Specifically, we got this stuff ("for $60.37!", she cackled maniacally):

And I can actually check something other than "enter those Pampers Gifts to Grow codes and get those empty wipe packages off the desk" off my Must Do list.

Now please excuse me, I have a mountain of paper that I need to climb.

(Also, I can't figure out how to add more people as contributors to the Pre Bean To Do List board on Pinterest. It's because I'm a bonehead. If you want to contribute and can't, leave me a comment and I'll figure it out. If you don't want to and don't care, do whatever you want. See if I care.

But no confetti cannon for you.)

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