February 20, 2012

Project Grocery: The End Of An Era

Since the last three weeks have been filled to the brim with the Pre-Bean Checklist and Being Nine Months Pregnant, the grocery shopping posts have fallen by the wayside.

Still trying to avoid the boxes of dead rodents, Mr has been the one doing the shopping, and has spent $92.21 and $133.58.

Well, this week I took what will possibly be some of my last alone time for a while and went a'marketing. I even managed to get a picture, and as I was unpacking my haul, realized that this picture will (hopefully) mark the end of an era.

First of all, I must disclose that I spent $177.17, and now Mr is so full of his grocery shopping prowess that he says he could have brought home the exact same stuff and be under budget. If he wasn't so cute I'd be mailing him some dead rodents.

There are a few reasons that this picture marks the end of an era, the first of which is the boxes of diapers and wipes. Again. You see, starting tomorrow the kids are in daycare Mondays only, and daycare is the only place - normally - where we use disposable diapers. I want to have some on hand for when my parents have the kids while I'm busy Becoming Not Nine Months Pregnant, but after that I'm expecting to go back to all cloth, all the time.

After I boil them. They NEED to be boiled. Trust me.

The other thing someone who's been around The Mrs since the beginning might notice is that there's been cereal in every grocery shop for quite a while now. This too shall end.

Waaaay back in January of last year we decided that cereal was just too expensive to eat every morning, even if we get it on sale, which we normally do. Even into this past December we were eating oatmeal for breakfast every morning, until the extra ten minutes it took in the morning became Necessary To My Survival, and to cereal we turned.

Now I've got ten minutes to spare in the morning, and it's back to oatmeal. Although I think some homemade granola might be in the works sometime, if I can just find a good recipe. I'm hoping Molly Wizenberg will help.

So there's forty-five dollars right there. But wait, there's more.

See, Mr enjoys candy. No, I don't think you read that right. Mr ENJOYS candy. And I'm pretty in love with all things fried and salted, not to mention our join love affair with pop - in which I've not been indulging, don't worry. We decided that after Little Miss Bean shows up we'll cut back. So that should be the last of the pop bottles in the Project Grocery Pictures, right?

Here's the last thing, I promise: quinoa and swiss chard. Not just those, but - in addition to the cutting back mentioned above - we're going to be making a much bigger effort at including Things That Are Really - I Mean REALLY Good For Us into our daily meals. But only if we can make them taste good.

That's what the internet is for, right?

Tomorrow, if I've bet wrong and Little Miss Bean doesn't come tonight (to which I say "Bring it, lady!"), I should be able to give you the update on the Pre Bean Checklist. Wednesday, I should have something to say about the Do Nice Things For Other People challenge.

After that, I'll start complaining about Still Being Pregnant.

In the meantime, get yourselves ready for some good reading without excessive capitalization. Eric, Jane, Christine, and WilliamB are writing their guest posts furiously (possibly) so you won't be faced with a blank screen while I'm off Becoming Not Nine Months Pregnant.

Because that's what happens when you don't post anything to your blog. The screen goes blank. Riiiiight.

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