February 6, 2012

Pre Bean Checklist

So I'm retired. Sort of.

For the next two-ish weeks, I'm gathering up all of my 2012 vacation time and using it to Do Things. My list looks something like this:

-sort through and wash all the newborn stuff we already have, and fill in the gaps at Once Upon A Child without spending a million dollars.

-speaking of money, refine that new budget you've been talking about and put some new tracking methods into place, because the current one you have sucks.

-bring Mr's books up to date. Like, from May of 2011. Reconcile everything. File everything. Because I'm tired of looking at this hot mess:

-speaking of hot messes, you really, really need figure out some way to organize the office. These loose papers everywhere? Not pretty. Get the printer in there too, while you're at it. (Actually, this one's on YOUR to-do list. I have a husband who can make it, but I don't have a brain that can design it. Let's all head on over to Pinterest and you can pin things to my new board for me.)

-Before you're done at the computer, get the taxes done.

-Once you get help organizing the desk, see if someone (probably a therapist) can figure out a way to stop this from happening to the kitchen counter every day:

-Read a book. Or two. Ask Leslie.

-Speaking of Leslie, finish that awesome Christmas present for her, so you can stop hanging your head in shame.

-Um, also: send Lindsay that thank you package you've imagining since you got home from Michigan.

-Bake something nice for the ladies at the bank. Actually bring it to them.

-Do something (anything) about this:

-Find some nice internet people to pony up some guest posts for that post-Bean few days.

-sew something. Again, ask Leslie.

-Nap. Lots.

Once these things are done (and only then), I'm going to pack a hospital bag. It'll be my way of daring Bean to come early. Let's see how that works out.

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